It’s New Years Day in University Place. It was cloudy early in the day, but now it’s cleared up and there are spectacular views of the Olympic mountains to the west and Mt Rainier to the east.

A close friend of mine and fellow artist brought an interesting site to my attention a few weeks ago. It is called Pinterest ( and is devoted to the appreciation of art, architecture, design, recipes, clothing, and anything else under the sun that comes out of great creativity. The concept is pretty simple. You create an account and post images of art, photography, or any other creative image that captures your fancy. They call it an “online pinboard”, which is an apt description, as it contains the kinds of visual art that I would pin to a corkboard in my kitchen so I could look at it often.

I created my Pinterest account shortly after hearing about it and have since posted 486 images that captured my imagination. I guess the best way to describe it is your very own custom art gallery that is available to share with the world.

In the short time I’ve been a Pinterest account holder, I’ve found scores of awesome art images on other Pinterest sites that I’ve added to my gallery. Here are some that I found particularly interesting and inspiring.

Cinque Terre, Italy - Awesome colors!! I want to go there and take pictures too.

Cool Pool with colorful glass art - Love the architecture of the ceiling and the gorgeous glass in the trough in the pool bottom.

Georgina Ferrans Art Journal - Great colors and imagination. She has other journals on this site also.

Painted Stairs - I LOVE the whimsical designs and the colors

Earthen wall with tree - So cool, organic, unique. No one else will have the same design that you make in your house.

Whimsical doors - I want doors with similar whimsical artwork for our house.